A little bit about me

When Tomas Milinavičius was 20 years old. He bought a one-way ticket to Asia, to the Unknown, to explore this continent all alone.  He didn't know what is waiting for him there. Didn't know what he's going to find out, didn't know what he will see, and most importantly, he didn't know what he will feel. The only thing he knew, that he wants to take that step to this Unknown.
    During those days he visited more than one amazing country. He climbed the tops of the mountains. He swam in different seas and oceans. With his own feet, he marched through the remote paths. He communicated in voice and body languages. Where and in what ways he didn't use to find out where to lay down his body for a night. With crazy people, he even interrupted NASA meeting, because they discussed to loud not so important things as NASA itself. He saw most ever spectacular sunrises and favorite sunsets in his life, which used to paint the sky horizon from bright pink to freezing grey. He experienced a wonderful, crazy adventure with crazily wonderful people. There were moments when he used to feel what he doesn’t feel, and he knew, what he didn't know. Moments, when at the same time he used to be at the earth and sky at the same time. Moments, when he used to feel alive like never before.
    He was very happy and grateful, for meeting dozens of wonderful people. People, who helped him to form himself to who he is now. People, that now he can call brothers and sisters, or simply, the loved ones, which are from all over the world. They showed him what is happiness, what is another path that everyone can walk. They opened for him new dreams. His love for them is bewildering with no words or actions. This kind of love you need to feel. These people he loves and cherishes forever. Only because of them he found out what is the real pure love to a person, what is really pure love for life and what is the real pure love to yourself.
    "About myself. I’m young, but I know and I saw a lot in this world. I saw the light of life. I experienced so much during such a short period of time. There were moments when I used to doubt myself. Moments, when I thought that all that I experienced and learned may have been too soon for me. "But you are never too young to understand it all". Now I’m happy to have myself in my life. Wanderer, who sees life in the eyes of the heart. Who sees the beautiful present. Who is open to the world. Because only by being open to the world you can see its most beautiful treasures."
    During this travel, he found his passion for writing. Because this was the only way he could live with his mind. And it was the only way, that he could grow, bloom and shine. He only wishes, that he could write, day and night. When he feels like it and when he doesn't feel like it. He wants to capture himself in his own mind and plunge deep into it. Poetry is what comes out from the depths of his heart and soul. Writing and poetry are how he can express himself, what he feels, what he sees and what he wants. And it goes the same for what he doesn't want to feel, what he doesn't want to see and what he doesn't want. In his poetry and writing, you can find a lot of beauty spoken about our planet earth. In his poetry and writing, you can find the mazes of love that goes universal. In his poetry and writing, you can find kindness and hope, that the light, will shine once again upon everyone sky.